I’m Joel Glovier. I’m a designer at GitHub, where I’m currently doing design and front-end development for our creative department.

Prior to GitHub I was a visual design engineer at appendTo (a front-end shop), where I worked on awesome client projects like the TIME Magazine responsive redesign. Before that I was the principal designer at an amazing nonprofit called CURE International. And prior still I did freelance graphic and web design full-time for several years.

I enjoy writing about things I learn, speaking about stuff I’ve experienced, and collecting experiences in general. I also enjoy using side projects to learn new things, to stay fresh, and to collect said experiences.

I love writing code because it reminds me of building legos as a kid (…okay and as an adult, too).

I love Jesus because I know true freedom, peace and joy through Him. I’m not a religious person, but I’m a devoted and unashamed Jesus-follower.

I have a wonderful family and community where I live in central Pennsylvania (I work remotely for GitHub, as does approximately 80% of the company). I’m originally from the Pittsburgh area (shoutout Greensburg), but currently reside in Mechanicsburg, PA.

In my spare time I get distracted by lots of things like photography, bboying, tattoos, cooking, the Steelers, graffiti art, tuners, skateboarding and snowboarding, electronic music, and traveling.

Now that you know so much about me, you should say hi!

About the website

I use this website for several purposes including:

Here’s some of the technical details you may (or may not) be interested in: